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 Responses from the Season of Prayer

The General
Assembly of the Church of Scotland, in May of 2019, initiated a radical action
plan.  This will entail a number of
changes at all levels in the Church’s structures.  At headquarters it will mean a 20-30 percent
reduction in spending, which will inevitably mean job losses.  At the Presbytery level it will mean the
amalgamation of the 42 Presbyteries into only about 12.  And at a local level it will mean a move away
from ‘maintaining’ what and how we have always done things to ‘mission’—to reaching
out more in love and humility to those who have, up until now, thought the
Church and its message was irrelevant to their lives.  The whole Church of Scotland, at every level,
has been asked to participate in a ‘season of prayer’ whereby we are to seek
God’s guidance in the many decisions that subsequently need to be made.

This coincided with the work that Biggar
Kirk session had done in our two most recent session conferences where we asked
firstly, “Where are we as a Church?” and secondly, “Where are we headed?”

In the July session meeting of 2019 it was decided that we in
Biggar Kirk, along with the rest of the Church of Scotland also need a ‘season
of prayer’.

Team leaders from the session developed a daily
Prayer Guide that was used between October and December.  In the guide seven themes of church life were
covered viz.

Sunday – Our worship

Monday - Our family life

Tuesday - Our discipleship

Wednesday - Our older folk

Thursday - Our younger folk

Friday – Our stewardship

Saturday – Our outreach

In the guide each day of the week begins
with scripture sentences that focus thoughts on the day’s theme.  Next there is a prayer of thanksgiving based
on the theme.  And finally, each day we came
expectantly before God to ask his guidance for that particular aspect of our
Church life. 

As a congregation we also used the guide
in a special service of prayer for our church on the 17th of
November 2019.  We also had a special time
of listening to God concerning our congregation with the Sunday Club on the 5th
of January 2020.

What you will find below are answers that
folk felt that they heard from God to the questions we posed.  They came from adult individuals who jotted down
things that they were hearing, seeing and feeling as they prayed, and they also
came from the children as a handful of adults interviewed them during their own
special time of listening.

We as a session and church are now in a
process of looking at and discussing these responses as we continue to seek God’s
guidance for the future.

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